About us

Our values

At CeGe, we take care of making our clients’ ideas and projects a reality. We ensure that the most ambitious creative ideas and concepts become facts, on time, free of errors, with the utmost quality and in a smooth process. Whether it is production, design, technology or logistics, we handle everything and we let the client focus on their business and their priorities, worry free and effectively.

  1. A single contact person who coordinates the whole process.
  2. Internal team involved in every phase, which provides speed, flexibility, reliability and absolute confidentiality.
  3. Fast response time: 24 hours throughout the year.
  4. Guarantee in the final “turn-key” product with a strict compliance with interim and final delivery dates.
  5. New technologies: we directly propose the projects that require them with multiple publication channels in various formats, maximising the visual and functional resources that each one offers us.
  6. Respectful towards the environment (FSC and PEFC certifications).

CeGe in numbers

  • €13mill.
    in annual turnover.

  • +20.000
    projects successfully managed each year

  • 95
    highly-qualified professionals.

  • +400
    leading brand clients

  • 3
    production centres

  • 6.000
    m2 of facilities

  • +€1mill.
    a year of investment in technology.

  • 1974.
    year of foundation.

Facilities and Technology

Our mission is to serve the communication needs of our customers by creating, producing and performing all kinds of items both on and off-line in many different areas. To achieve this, CeGe has over 6,000 m2 of facilities. Offset and digital printing of high quality, flexible to meet the needs of customers. Collaborative management tools and content management. Processes and own and tested to ensure reliability and timings in all projects methodologies. And much more… as we continue to invest at a rate of € 1 million a year in new technologies

The team

80 professionals who are specialists in publishing, printing, technology, POP and colour, continuously trained in the new technologies of our sector. We are motivated by attention to detail, quality in all processes and meeting deadlines.

We facilitate projects by always assigning a single contact person from our expert accounts team, who coordinates the various professionals and phases and ensures that the expectations of every client in every project are met. We firmly believe that the best professionals and the best people are what our clients deserve.

Respect for the environment

The most demanding certifications recognise our efforts to respect and care for the environment. We have established an internal code so that our staff’s daily activities have a minimum environmental impact. We offer clients a range of “green” products and we develop processes that reduce the ecological footprint of our services. We even take our commitment a step further: we only work with suppliers that demonstrate the same awareness as us with nature.


Guarantees that the products have been elaborated with resources from forests managed in accordance with strict social, environmental and economic standards: fsc.org

PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Global, not-for-profit, independent non-governmental organisation that promotes the sustainable management of forests to achieve social, economic and environmental balance: pefc.es


Ensures the absence of organic chlorine derivatives, i.e. the pulp used in the production of paper has been bleached with ecological processes that exclude the use of chlorine-based products: chlorinefreeproducts.org


UN programme which involves people, institutions, companies and governments whose objective is the plantation of more than a thousand million trees per year throughout the world. CEGE is a partner company of this campaign.

CeGe: European pioneer in environmentally friendly LED-UV printing. Greener and higher quality.

Offset printing with LED-UV technology has the smallest carbón footprint, vastly reduces energy consumption, and is 100% free from mercury and ozone, two of the worst pollutants in our sector. This innovative technology also offers superior quality and new printing options.

Quality accreditations

Certificate of good business and environmental practices.

Companies committed to carrying out an appropriate environmental management policy. The accreditation considers various aspects: compliance with the current environmental legislation and regulations; correct waste management: cleanliness and internal order, selective storage and delivery to authorised operators; removal of toxic products and substitution with alternative products, and commitment to continual improvement.

ISO 12647-2 Certification – COLOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints.


Effective information management ensures its confiden-tiality, its integrity and the availability of authorised users.


Our clients constantly ask us for new ideas, new processes, new materials and new solutions. To this end, in 2014 we created the CeGe LAB – an exclusive space dedicated to R&D, located at Bernat Metge, 75 in Sabadell.

In this space we have engineers specialised in product development, mechanical and laser cutting equipment, large-format and digital printing equipment to create prototypes and, above all, a space where our team can think exclusively with a creative and innovative approach without day to day pressures, in permanent contact with clients and account managers to identify needs and ideas for which we can offer unique solutions.

The CeGe Lab is open to all our clients and collaborators for them to participate in this process and contribute to it. We invite you to come and create with us!

Group and investee companies


TECNIcart® has developed a unique and exclusive technology, especially intended for the elaboration of sample books and colour cards without using adhered materials or samples. This system is an interesting and valid alternative for replacing the traditional sample books that currently exist in the market, which are costly and slow to produce, inflexible and frequently heavy to transport. www.tecni-cart.com


CatalogPlayer is a powerful tool for tablets which allows sales teams to give interactive and multimedia presentations. It offers a dynamic and different experience when presenting products and services. It also has a remote system for order, task and client management. www.catalogplayer.com

Nous Medis

Company specialising in consultancy, training and the development of automated solutions for all kinds Adobe InDesign publications. Integrating PIM and DAM solutions, automated catalogues and publications and mobility tools for sales teams and stores that need to produce catalogues, manuals, pricelists and books of text entirely automatically and in a matter of minutes. Access to various omnichannel outlets via Amazon; e-commerce, ERP and CRM. www.nousmedis.com



Online printing, which allows us to print in a completely personalised manner based on photos and our preloaded designs (we have more than 25,000 designs). The goal is to facilitate the customer’s experience in the creation of cards, invitations, greetings and many more elements that are special for their life and that of their family. The commitment: delivery in 72 hours. www.printland.es


Faster Displays

Our patented system breaks with the usual limitations of automatic POP displays and can be adapted to infinite solutions. A highly-competitive and flexible technology to satisfy the demands of a global market, achieving the best balance between time, quality and price. www.fasterdisplays.com


Editam is a creative studio and print management company based in Paris (France). Founded in 2005 and with significant experience in the financial, tourism & leisure, luxury and cosmetics sectors. It allows CeGe to better service the French market with a local team of artwork, IT and print management experience.  www.editam.fr