Publications and content management

Automation of publications for NGOs


Client goals

ODI (Overseas Development Institute) is a UK-based non-profit think tank with a multitude of annual publications on international development issues and humanitarian issues. ODI has more than 240 employees, including researchers, specialized support staff, and a small communications team.

There are 12 different research departments, which publish about 250 research reports each year. In the previous system, each team was responsible for publishing their reports, directly passing the material from Word to PDF. Some publications (annual reports, for example) that needed a more sophisticated design were outsourced, with the costs involved.

This process of work so decentralized affected the general quality, which was not homogeneous. Nor did it facilitate the coordination of precise timings, with which many communication and promotion opportunities were lost.

The objective of ODI was to find a system that would give coherence to all publications, at an affordable cost for a non-profit entity that also does not imply greater subcontracting or expand staff.

Ce.Ge Solution

The Typefi platform has met all of ODI’s requirements: centralized content management, development of high-quality design templates, maintaining Microsoft Word as the basis for editing and the ability to produce electronic books without investing additional time and money for the change of format.

All Typefi remote access was provided to centralize and coordinate all publications. Templates were created in Adobe InDesign with a more elaborate design, which improves the quality image of all publications, but each user continues to maintain Microsoft Word as an editing program.

Typefi automatically adapts the content so that all publications follow the same graphic and editorial style and also edits them as PDF files ready to print and sends them to the web in the corresponding format, all in a matter of minutes.

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