Catalogue services and automation

Barnes & Noble Christmas catalog

Barnes & Noble

Client goals

Barnes & Noble edits during the Christmas holidays a catalog of 124 pages in different versions and with all its articles. The process of creating Barnes & Noble was a tedious manual process that required hundreds of hours both for the introduction of the articles and their details and for their updating and corrections. They used final art programs for designers and combined it with internal systems such as Sharepoint.

All the solutions that had been analyzed so far required too much investment for the company. They wanted a process that reduced the hours dedicated to the preparation of the catalogs.

Ce.Ge Solution

The catalog automation system is a solution accessible to all company sizes. In this case, it was proposed to use the automation solution based on Easy Catalog.

The process now allows you to enter the data easily and quickly. Barnes & Noble detected an immediate improvement in the updating and correction of the data, since any modification is automatically linked, without errors and in real time with the catalog editor, changes are made in the InDesign and therefore in all formats , both printed and online.

In addition, production times have been reduced considerably and it has been possible to produce much more segmented catalogs for certain markets at a much more competitive cost.


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