Catalogue services and automation

Automated segmented communication

Fireboy Creative

Client goals

This agency, which was hired by the body that prepares the regional elections, is responsible for publishing ads segmented in several newspapers. By legal issues, all publications should be 100% reliable, without errors.

It was based on a very manual process. The data was provided in a series of spreadsheets that were formatted to fit the InDesign with the style of the campaign. These data were verified and then copied and inserted into the spaces of the different newspapers, where they would be reviewed again. Each campaign would require four full-time designers for two weeks.

The client requests a process by which the introduction, modification and edition of the data is efficient and reliable.

Ce.Ge Solution

With the new process, based on our Easy Catalog solution, the data is entered only once, and is always reviewed on the same platform, which once validated 100% transforms it directly into the campaign of each newspaper, already with the format and the final layout in InDesign.

A single person can do all the work in the same two weeks and the final reliability is even higher. It is a much faster process, at a considerably better cost and without errors.

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