Print production

Integrated Annual Report 2013 Crèdit Andorrà

Crèdit Andorrà

Client goals

Integrated Annual Report: Financial Report, CSR and Foundation.

Quality presentation in three languages.

Ce.Ge Solution

Integration of the process (design, layout, translation, printing…) for reliable results and in tight times.

Creation and production of a special binding.

Pdf page turner usb delivered.

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Tranquility and quality. It is what gives us CeGe in the preparation of our annual report. Trust left to an expert graphic design team, supervision, production and, ultimately, management of publishing the report from data and information prepared by our in-house professionals. Nine years we decided to work with CeGe this important part of our corporate communication ago, and our confidence in it has been renewed year after year.

Elena Pampliega Tena, Director of the Office of Corporate Communications of Crèdit Andorrà.