Print production

Sustainable print art book

Fundació Joan Miró

Client goals

The Fundació Joan Miró asks for an impression that is at the same time respectful with the environment and trustworthy with the works exhibited in the exhibition “Sumer i el paradigma modern”.

Ce.Ge Solution

In CeGe we have done the whole process of photomechanics, with proof of printing on the machine and the printing of this book on offset support.

The printing has been made with the innovative technology of eco-printig, with LED-UV inks, which produces the smallest carbon footprint of the printing industry. Both the printed material and the environment and people are free of mercury and ozone, two of the heaviest pollutants in our sector.

Additionally, this technology guarantees an excellent result in terms of colors, since LED-UV inks provide a higher pigment load and greater color saturation is achieved.



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