Client goals

This Italian company of high decoration paintings depended on manual samples to show how their products were once applied: apply the finishes on small pieces of paper and paste them on a color chart. With a range of more than 15 collections and hundreds of color combinations, making this sample with each collection was a complex task that absorbed many resources, required a lot of time and it was impossible to print the quantity commercially desired. In addition, there was a need to place spacers so that the friction did not degrade the samples.

Ce.Ge Solution

Our printing technology allows us to produce printed catalogs that faithfully show the full range of colors and textures, including those with iridescent metallic, glitter or pearl tones. In addition, it does not require separators because the quality of the print does not degrade.
Because it is a process based on graphic arts, the amount you want to produce stops being a problem since the costs are much lower.

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