Marketing Supply Chain & Fulfilment

Magazine “El·lipse”

Parc Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona

Client goals

The client asked CeGe to help them to simplify the process of drafting the magazine without losing quality content.

Control timings to ensure the output of each number.

Manage multiple remote contributors in each issue.

Create a process of agile and reliable internal approval.

Ce.Ge Solution

From CeGe we had a clear approach: the best technological solution for the customer was the implementation of the Platform for Collaborative Editing K4.

It allows complex coordination of content and timings, continued review of pre- and post-layout content.

You keep the latest version and manages final approvals at various levels.

The process is integrated in our department CeGe editing and proofreading, to ensure a careful and always on time magazine, which includes all contributions of many partners who bring a large richness to the content.

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