Marketing & sales collateral

Magazine “Insight” IESE

IESE Business School

Client goals

To automate and simplify the process of production and delivery of its periodical Insight Magazine. Integrating on-line and off-line content. Reduce management time of  IESE publications team.

Ensure that they produce and send out useful and necessary units, ensuring greater cost efficiency.

Ce.Ge Solution

Integrated management through CeGe MK Portal platform which allows the request, confirmation and aggregation of units, and the process of printing and distribution of magazines from the specific demands of each department.

It is management application with an efficient process that allows automatical cost assignment: 1) CeGe sends to each of the 40 departments (cost centers) an email application on-line, 2) each center reports number of units to demand and there is a feed-back regarding cost of such an order 3) once the order is confirmed, magazines are sent and the cost to the department/corresponding cost center is assigned.

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